Security at OMNIA DeFi

By Michael Ade, Information & Cyber Security Lead

As the interest in crypto continues to grow, the need for protecting digital assets has never been greater. It’s important to note that no cyber defence or information system can be regarded as 100% impenetrable. What is deemed safe and secure today won’t have the same vigour tomorrow, due to the lucrative nature of cybercrime and the hacker’s ingenuity to seek new methods of attack. Combating cybercriminals should be standard practice in business. It is vital that every organisation implements strong security procedures, undertakes the necessary security qualifications, imposes internal policies, carries out independent security audits as well as constantly monitoring architecture.

Security Procedures

Security Qualifications

The Assessment is broken into five critical controls:

- Access Control

- Firewalls and Internet Gateways

- Secure Configuration

- Patch Management

- Malware Protection

Once we have gained the above, we will then push forward with our ISO27001 implementation.

Internal Policies

Independent Security Audits

Overflows and Underflows

Re-entrancy Attack

Replay Attack

Short Address Attack

Approval Double-Spend

Accidental Token Loss

Sybil Attacks

To read our full blockchain audit report, please follow this link.



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