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Omnia DeFi
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Hosted by — 💥Crypto Land💥

Dated — 13th June, 2021

Admins — Theo | lord gravity and Raki

Hosts — Ishita, Yash jain and Manak Ahuja


Ishita: Goodmorning Crypto landians🔥🔥 We are so glad to have @Theo_LordGravity and @RakiBrown from team @omnia_defi_official is here with us for today’s AMA session🔥🔥

Yash jain: Hey @Theo_LordGravity & @RakiBrown sir, so nice to have you here on board with us😉

Theo | lord gravity: Hi everyone and thanks for the interest 🖖 my name is Théo Richard (aka Lord Gravity, superhero name alias) and in charge of all the technical side at Omnia DeFi 😉

Ishita: Amazing🔥 Let’s begin today’s session now shall we?

Theo | lord gravity: @RakiBrown is about to join us and then we can go 😉

Ishita: Okay sure sir We’ll wait for him☺

Raki: Hi everyone and thanks for making it 😊✌️ my name is Raki Brown (aka The Crypto Shaman) and I’m the founder of Omnia DeFi. We are very pleased about the many questions and thank you for those.

Ishita: Haha

Raki: Let’s go!!!

Ishita: Let’s go😊😊 Please type down after completion of every answer to avoid any kind of confusion please😊

Raki: Ok

Theo | lord gravity: sure

Ishita : Lets Start our today’s session with the Introduction Questions🔥🔥Here comes the first and basic question😉

Q1) Can you Please Introduce yourself to the Community?

Raki: I’m the founder of Omnia DeFi, have been involved in crypto for at least 4 years every day. My wish is to help bring change to the world by creating win/win scenarios in as many ways as possible using blockchain. Done

Yash jain: Great🔥🔥

Theo | lord gravity: Sure, so I am Théo Richard leading the technical side and I am in the blockchain world since summer 2018 so I have already lived a bear market once ✌️ I aiming to bring independency to people done ✅

Ishita: Q2) Please tell us in detail About Omnia?

Yash jain: Great 🔥

Manak Ahuja: Nice and effective Intros guys🔥

Raki: Omnia DeFi in short aims to become the Nr1 real world assets tradable index. There are $280.6 trillion worth of real estate alone to tokenise. We will after full regulatory approval tokenise real world assets and provide 49% of the value of those as tokens to the public. Those are called OATs (Omnia Asset Tokens). After that we create OSC (Omnia Stable Coin) that will be pegged to the dollar and supported by pooled OATs. First though we have the $OMNIA Token presale which is a utility and exchange token providing a set of exciting features well known to the crypto community, like staking and yield farming. $OMNIA will be tied to the business model directly via the long term burn mechanism. For every asset onboarded there will be a fee, 50% of the profits from that fee will be used for buybacks of $OMNIA to be permanently burned. The better we are at tokenising and automating that process, the quicker and more aggressive the burn.

Theo | lord gravity: Thanks @ManakCl efficiency is Omnia credo 🙂

Raki: Done

Yash jain: Amazing introduction i must say🔥🙆‍♂️

Ishita: Woww😍

Manak Ahuja: Glad to know that😉

Ishita: Q3) Trust is the main Factor now a days for any Project to grow looking at recent Rugpulls. So how do you plan to gain trust of the community and hodl them? Sir you can again

Theo | lord gravity: Q3. We Gain trust of the community by auditing smart contract (token being audited by Blockchain Consilium at the moment), being transparent on our activities (monthly financial report), locking tokens (e.g. core team tokens locked for 15 months with slow release, more details in tokenomics article To keep people active we will do multiple contests, launch DAO and have a big presence on Telegram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

done ✅

Yash jain: Building trust is something big thing among people 🔥🔥

Theo | lord gravity: Yes especially with all these rug pulls

Yash jain: Yeahh🔥🚀

Ishita: Q4) How is Omnia different and better than its competitors?

Raki: Omnia DeFi differs in that we are not simply a tokenisation platform, also after regulatory approval we will not simply be a financial service provider tokenising documents and creating derivatives. We instead focus on the bottom layer which is the physical assets layer that everything else gets built upon. We index real world value and tokenise it, think of us the Google of tokenisation, where the internet focused on data, the blockchain focuses on value and we go to the root of all value, the physical underlying assets. We aim to tokenise everything on that layer.


Manak Ahuja: Great strategies guys!

Yash jain: That’s something great🔥

Ishita: Q5) What are the plans for Omnia. and its developers for 2021?

Theo | lord gravity; In 2021, we plan to start art tokenisation and creating DAO for rewards voting while auditing all contracts for maximum security in Quarter 3.

Then in Quarter 4 we will go for real estate and start real world asset oracle & stablecoin R&D.

Also, access to tokenised pieces will not be available before full regulatory approval in order to comply with law and do things by the book.

For the development part we are looking to onboard at least one more developer by August time to accelerate product development Done

Yash jain: Everything is being planned 🚀🔥

Ishita: Great🔥🔥 Thanks for answering all questions☺


Ishita: We shall now proceed to Second Segment which is Questions from Twitter. Shall we proceed?

Theo | lord gravity: Indeed we have spent 1.5 years working on the project your welcome 🙂 sure we can continue

Yash jain: That’s great 🔥

Ishita: Before beginning the Twitter Segment, i wanna take a second and say thanks to everyone who showed us their love by sending Questions on Twitter and following @omnia_defi_official

Its you guys who motivates us to do better🔥

Yash jain: Would like to take a second again for those whose questions didn’t got selected in this segment, don’t you guys worry because @Theo_LordGravity & @RakiBrown would love to answer any unanswered questions left after the AMA in @omnia_defi_official group🔥

Ishita: So don’t forget to join @omnia_defi_official community 😉 With this we move on to first question from Twitter🔥🔥

Theo | lord gravity: Sure do not hesitate to ask questions in our group, we love questions!

Ishita: Don’t forget guys☺ First Question From Twitter

How do #Ominia defi generates revenue because we know that finds are fundamental for survival of project. From- Mughal78068060

Theo | lord gravity: Revenue is created via the onboarding fees for the real world assets. We initially charge a minimum of $500 per onboarded item. $10,000 is the minimum value of anything onboarded the first few years as we aim to only onboard high value items. In the long run as we automate more, the onboarding fee will be reduced. Remember 50% of everything we make is used to buy and burn $OMNIA

Ishita: Is that done sir?

Theo | lord gravity: yes it is done 😉

Ishita: Okay

Yash jain: It’s a great aim🔥

Ishita: Second Question from Twitter

Only getting users, holders etc. is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem. What is the problem that. your project primarily focuses on? From- MariaCahya3

Raki: Our primary focus and our passion is to bring equal access to wealth creation worldwide!! Basically we understand that perfect equality is not possible or even desirable as competition and aspirations are good in a society. But everyone wherever they come from should have same opportunity to rise up and make a good life for themselves, we aim to redress the balance by creating a platform that allows universal access to the opportunities for wealth creation that currently are kept by only a few hands. Done

Yash jain: Aiming for more better things 🔥

Ishita: Third Question from Twitter — I think many people here are quite interested in the $OMNIA. token, both utility and structure… how does $OMNIA. work as a utility token for the network and how does it benefit for both the network and the owner. From- Sathicrypto

Theo | lord gravity: $OMNIA is the first token we are providing and will act as a utility and exchange token, there will be multiple benefits tied to the token over time apart from the initial ones of staking and yield farming and voting… we use a self referential recursive token structure, this expresses itself by for example us buying back and burning $OMNIA as we tokenise more assets. For every three steps forward in our development there will always be a return back to upgrade and update the relationship between $OMNIA and the business model moving forward. Done

Ishita: Wow🔥🔥 Just a single words woww🔥🔥

Fourth Question from Twitter: Sir, does @Omnia_DeFi plan to develop ambassador programs? From which countries do you plan to include people so that they can be ambassadors and what are the requirements? Can I be one? From- Farahusain7263

Theo | lord gravity: You can apply for our ambassador program, we will do a KYC and introduce you in more detail to our core concepts and some of the legal structure. In return you get given a 10% referral code you can share to your community. We aim to work longterm with our ambassadors and wish to bring out the best in them and grow together Done

Raki: Magic! Love the questions 💛

Ishita: Great After reading all the things i only get the word great🔥 Nothing more than this☺

Fifth Question from twitter

Regarding about the current market situation is too unstable, holding back investors.. So can you give me some good reasons why I should buy your tokens in this market situation? And also why should your token holder keep holding? From- Alenm333

Raki: I’l answer that one! 😊 We bring stability to the markets by the very fact that we are focused on the base layer one platform (real world physical assets) but also in that our third token OSC (Omnia Stable Coin) will be pegged to the dollar but will have OATs as pooled underlying value. This gives us a competitive edge against USDT and DAI as both of their underlying assets are not as stable. Longterm our buyback burn as explained above will increase as we speed up, rather the opposite of many token setups. Lastly, most tokens a purely speculative empty vehicles, we are not. Done

Yash jain: Greattt🔥 Amazing 🔥

Ishita: Thank you so much for answering questions from Twitter Segment🔥🔥


Ishita: We shall move to the last segment now which is Live Segment😉

Theo | lord gravity: Your very welcome 🙂

Raki: Thank you

Theo | lord gravity: sure let’s go for next questions!

Ishita: Rules for live session with $OMNIA are as follows:-

💨Everyone will be given 80 seconds to raise their questions.

💨You must follow the following groups: — -

💥 @omnia_defi_official

💥 @cryptolandoff1

💥 @cryptolandann

Chats will unmute in….




Time up guys 😉

@Theo_LordGravity & @RakiBrownsir please feel free to take your time and select and answer best 5 out of them😉

Raki: Ha ha!! Ok thanks for the over 4000 questions 😂 Will do and thank you so much, will do our best to answer adequately

Ishita: Haha😉

Theo | lord gravity: Woaw that’s lots of questions! Amazing!

Ishita: Yeahh🔥🔥

Raki: “What is Omnia’s plan to build a powerful real world asset oracle? are you going to build your own oracle, or will you form a partnership with an existing oracle?”

We will be building an oracle to help value an asset in a decentralised fashion (Wikipedia style almost), the oracle will be in part from engaging and rewarding professionals the relevant fields but anyone can join to be part of the oracle and build up their reputation. The oracle does not do the initial valuation but can be brought in by either the seller or buyer to source a supportive opinion to aid accurate price discovery. We will be releasing more details about the oracle in our White Paper, there will be some innovative concepts in there you will like.

SAM: Why you build your token on Ethereum blockchain? As we all know Ethereum has scalability issues? Any plan to move on other blockchain or mainnet?

Theo | lord gravity: Our token has been deployed on Polygon mainnet we will not go an Ethereum mainnet before ETH2.0 is launched. For the most curious ones you can check it the verified contract here: It is being reviewed by Blockchain Consillium at the moment. We will start the first presale on 22nd of June

Kenny kimora: I think security is very important, especially with regard to data and funds, it is very sensitive for us. My question How do you ensure the safety of our funds and data, many projects even though they promise maximum security, are still hacked and rugpull, how do you prevent it?.. And do you and your team have your marketing strategy for potential investors who are less knowledgeable about crypto?..

What we know is that there are still many people who want to join in the crypto world but still lack knowledge in the crypto world.. I believe #omnia is a good project for us your new potential investors. Go ahead!!

Raki: Thanks for your question first off, nice focus on the essentials. If you look at our team you will that we have Michael as head of Cyber Security, that is his profession which should tell you we take that side seriously. Likewise you will see that Vera is qualified in GDPR and has worked high up in the British passport office with biometric ID cards, she is very aware of protecting people and constantly reminds the team about our GDPR requirement 😊 as for the smart contract side of things and how that is secured Theo is better at answering in detail and about our anti-rug preventions. We do have a powerful marketing strategy that will be shared soon, you will see us in top media soon.

@Araadmin00: A big problem for a lot of Defi projects seems to be that when farming starts the price goes down. because people unload to put liquidity into the farm. Will there be an incentive to hold and not just farm and dump??????

Theo | lord gravity: Our strong burn mechanism related to our tokenisation efficiency, our moon vault (tokens placed on the moon using AR), our effective presence on social medias (we have been viral the second day we have opened our account on TikTok and our strong marketing strategy will incentivize people to keep farming and staking and we are looking at being published in very well-known journals and last one choosed by @RakiBrown is coming 😉

Ishita: Sir please tag for first one also😉

Sexy ladis: 💯Q) I want to have a LONG TERM INVESTMENT with this PROJECT, but I’m in doubts right now, how can you convince and assure me this project is SAFE and PROFITABLE?

Raki: We don’t use the word investment as currently we are only in the presale for our exchange and utility token $OMNIA. When we create OATs after full regulatory approval, then you will have opportunities with unequaled stability as the pool grows. You will be able to offer services yourself via our platform in time as well, we will be going into what those services are at a later date but there will be many. Also we hold to the Createlinx vision of Mundus Novus 2050 of creating a better world. We aren’t going anywhere, we are here for the long run.

Ishita: Great 🔥🔥

Karoech: What is Omnia’s plan to build a powerful real world asset oracle? are you going to build your own oracle, or will you form a partnership with an existing oracle?

Raki: We will be building an oracle to help value an asset in a decentralised fashion (Wikipedia style almost), the oracle will be in part from engaging and rewarding professionals the relevant fields but anyone can join to be part of the oracle and build up their reputation. The oracle does not do the initial valuation but can be brought in by either the seller or buyer to source a supportive opinion to aid accurate price discovery. We will be releasing more details about the oracle in our White Paper, there will be some innovative concepts in there you will like.

Ishita: Great that’s makes 5🔥🔥Thank you so much sir for answering best 5 questions from the live segment😉

Raki: Thanks for the many questions and sorry we couldn’t answer them all here but please join our telegram and we can continue the conversation

Theo | lord gravity: Great! Thanks a lot for this AMA @ishitapandey0 @ManakCl 🙏

Ishita: So, by this we shall end our today’s AMA? Shall we guys?

Theo | lord gravity: and remember we love questions 😉

Raki: Thank you Crypto Land!!!

Theo | lord gravity: Yes we can end it. Thanks a lot Crypto Land!

Ishita: it’s our pleasure to hear this from you guys!🔥 Unmuting chat’s now🔥

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