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Omnia DeFi
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💣AMA Recap With Omnia💣

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Dated — 23rd June, 2021


Sophia: Hey everyone! We are so glad to have @Raki_Brown and @Theo_LordGravity from Team Omnia here with us for today’s session😉

Hey there @Raki_Brown @Theo_LordGravity sir!
So nice to have you both here

Théo | Lord Gravity — : Hey everyone glad to be here 👋

Sophia: Sir we are so excited to know about Omnia!

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: Hey guys 😊✌️

Sophia: So Lets start today’s session without wasting any time, shall we?😍😍

Théo | Lord Gravity — : and we are excited to do an AMA here 😊

Sophia: Hey sir, welcome😁 perfecto!

Théo | Lord Gravity — : sure let’s start!

Sophia: Please type done after completion of Every Answer to avoid confusion please😍

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: Of course

Théo | Lord Gravity — : understood ✅

Sophia: Here comes the first and Basic Question from the Intro Segment😉

Q1) Can you Please Introduce yourself to the community?

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: Hey everyone😊 my name is Raki Brown, I have some background in robotics and have worked on local currency projects before crypto. 4 years ago I rode the BTC wave and have since been obsessed with how blockchain can bring positive change and aid in effective collaboration towards a better future and can bring universal access to wealth creation. Our team consists of bankers, lawyers, cyber security experts etc all talented, hard working and genuinely attuned to our vision. We have been working nearly 2 years in deep stealth establishing relationships to asset providers and developing our business model.

Théo | Lord Gravity — : Hey everyone 👋 I am Théo Richard and I have join the blockchain world in summer 2018. I am eager to bring my contribution to this space and more largely to make people more independant ⚡️ done

Sophia: Great introductions guys!🔥🔥

A heavt start to a heavy AMA Session ahead😉

Q2) Please tell us in detail about Omnia? what real problem it solve ?

Théo | Lord Gravity — : indeed! 😎

Omnia DeFi in short aims to become the Nr1 real world assets tradable index.

There are $280.6 trillion worth of real estate alone to tokenise. We will after full regulatory approval tokenise real world assets and provide 49% of the value of those as tokens to the public.
Those are called OATs (Omnia Asset Tokens).

After that we create OSC (Omnia Stable Coin) that will be pegged to the dollar and supported by pooled OATs.

First though we have the $OMNIA Token presale which is a utility and exchange token providing a set of exciting features well known to the crypto community, like staking and yield farming.
$OMNIA will be tied to the business model directly via the longterm burn mechanism.
For every asset onboarded there will be a fee, 50% of the profits from that fee will be used for buybacks of $OMNIA to be permanently burned. The better we are at tokenising and automating that process, the quicker and more aggressive the burn. done

Sophia: That gives us a good idea about Omnia!🔥 Thanks for that😉

Q3) Project Team has a big role in Building up a project to its maximum capacity. So can you please tell us more about your team and their experiences?

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First:
Our team consists of bankers, lawyers, cyber security experts and developers all talented, hard working and genuinely attuned to our vision.

We have been working nearly 2 years in deep stealth establishing relationships to asset providers and developing our business model.

For more details about experience of each one of us take a look at our team page: Done 😊

Sophia: Q4) Please share your Tokenomics with us?💣

Théo | Lord Gravity — :
About tokenomics:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Core team: 1,350,000 — locked for 15 months, 90,000 released/month

👨‍💻 Development: 1,725,000 — locked for 7 months, 250,000 released/month

🚀 Marketing: 1,000,000 — locked for 6.5 months, 150,000 released/month

🕵️‍♀️ Advisors & giveaway: 300,000 — locked for 4 months, 75,000 released/month

🌕 Moon vault: 1,000,000 — locked until public listing (23rd of July)

⛲️ Liquidity pool: 575,000 — locked until public listing (23rd of July)

👨‍🌾 Staking & farming: 2,350,000 — locked until public listing (23rd of July)

We are also looking with our platform partner to do a vesting period as follow starting on public listing, 23rd of July:
* R1: 3%/day
* R2: 10%/day

For more details about tokenomics you can check our Medium article:


Sophia: Well thats a good distribution!!

Q5) Keeping your community and partners happy is a key to success ladder! So how do you plan to keep your partners and community members motivated and engaged?

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First:
We have a team of 11 people in marketing alone with various focus. Included is Jin from the success of Cumrocket and Davin who helped YFDAI with marketing advice and more. Moreover we have an ex head of Yahoo marketing occasionally shouting advice from the sides. We will not stop putting out explainers, writing educational material, doing AMAs, video interviews or getting into great news outlets. We are only just getting started on the marketing side and will be going full steam ahead. Done

Sophia: Greatly answered!

Well with this answer, we came to an end of Segment 1😉


Sophia: And are good to proceed to Segment 2 which is Questions from Twitter!🔥 Shall we begin guys?

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: Absolutely!

Sophia: First Question from Twitter

The DEFI trend is evolving too fast and the ability to break is very high. What do you think about this and can you be sure that Omnia’s products will be on demand in the long term? What is Omnia planning to contribute to the DeFi’s growth? From @chaan53

Théo | Lord Gravity — :
I agree that things are moving fast, for some too fast, for us it’s only beginning. That being said though, not everyone is taking the time properly understand the regulatory environment and are also too quick at setting up a superficial business model simply based on putting existing systems on the blockchain.

We live in unprecedented times and DeFi is going to allow for the free exchange of value, in the same way that the internet allowed for the free exchange of data. There is over $280 Trillion in real estate alone to tokenise, the journey has only begun and those with realistic and sensible business models + aggressive growth metrics will win out in the game of transformation. done

Sophia: Good one! Second Question from Twitter

I noticed that Omnia DeFi has two tokens itself, $OMNIA and $OAT, but I am not clear why they have implemented two tokens, what is the reason for this, can you explain what are the differences between the two tokens and what benefits each one provides to the community? From Ranachan21

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First:

There are in fact 3 tokens

$OMNIA Tokens on presale now. They are exchange and utility tokens allowing for access, staking and farming among other things.

OATs (Omnia Asset Tokens)
They are created once property has been tokenised and will come into effect after full regulatory approval.

OSC (Omnia Stable Coin)
All pooled OATs act as underlying value for the stable coin which will compete withTether and Dai


Sophia: Glad to know these details!! Third Question from Twitter

When you mention that Omnia DeFi’s goal is to tokenize all real-world assets, do you mean exactly any real-world asset, such as real estate, or do you only mean cash and fiat money as such, and on the other hand, what will be the mechanisms implemented to safeguard users’ wealth? From @Harrypee10

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First:

We do mean real world assets such as real estate and art + commodities. Our focus is on the real world and on bringing universal access to wealth creation. There are many traditional and not so traditional safeguards in place. Everyone goes through a thorough KYC and AML + Everything is taken through a KYA to verify ownership and validity of a piece and judge it’s value before being placed on the platform.

Depending on various factors we may ask an asset provider to provide a deposit, full insurance of the piece, custodianship requirements. We will provide a safety rating based on all this to the token buyer so they can asset risk accurately. Done

Sophia: Nice!! Fourth Question from Twitter

Does Omnia plan to develop ambassador programs? Which countries do you plan to involve people from to become ambassadors and what are the requirements? can i be one From @iseker1905

Théo | Lord Gravity — :
You can apply for our ambassador program, we will do a KYC and introduce you in more detail to our core concepts and some of the legal structure. In return you get given a 10% referral code you can share to your community. We aim to work longterm with our ambassadors and wish to bring out the best in them and grow together.

We plan to involve people from all country except 👇


Sophia: Here comes the last question😍 Fifth Question from Twitter

Tokenization burn is on the rise, which is one good mechanism to spike up token price in the market, what will the 50% on boarding fees be used for in the OATs? From @KtAhamed

Théo | Lord Gravity — :
We will be buying $OMNIA with 50% of all our onboarding fees profit. Those tokens will be burned permanently to reduce the overall amount of $OMNIA Tokens in circulation. The more we onboard and tokenised, the greater the burn rate 🔥 The other 50% will be used for further product development done

Sophia: Perfection!

Well with this we finally came to an end of Segment 2 as well😉


Sophia: Shall we proceed to the last segment which is live segment @Theo_LordGravity @Raki_Brown ?💎

Théo | Lord Gravity — : aha great let’s go for another round of questions! 😎

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: Definitely 💪😊

Sophia: Kindly send a random 4 digit numeric code here in this chat guys😁

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: 8726

💎Rules for Live Session are as follows💎 :-

✅Slomo of 10 seconds will be used.
✅Max 5 questions per account allowed
✅You need to write the following code in the end of your question to avoid Bot Questions :- 8726

💥Failure to folllw rules will lead to you getting banned from the community and also losing your reward. These are the rules for the Live Session everyone😉

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: Nice system

Sophia: Thanks sir😊

Théo | Lord Gravity — : yp totally agree!

Sophia: Lets unmute the chats then😉

Chat will be unmuted in….







Sophia: Time uo everyone! @Theo_LordGravity @Raki_Brown please select and answer best 5 out of them😍

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: Great!

Théo | Lord Gravity — : sure! thank you for these questions 🙏

Dr.Tooba Khalid👩🏻‍⚕️:
Binance smart Chain blockchain is having high transaction speed and cheap gas fees, Are you planning to launch your mainet or switch to other blockchains in the future?8726

Théo | Lord Gravity — :
We prefer Polygon rather than BSC. Moreover, we have already deployed the token on Polygon mainnet and made it audited by Blockchain Consillium!

You can check the report here:

Tumi Amar ( Bow):
🎧🎧🎧🎧 For each project, community factors contribute to the success of the project. Do you have any plans for long-term community development??????

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First:
Yes we do, in fact we planning big in that regard. We are developing a collaboration network that encompasses Omnia + we are working towards real eco smart villages operating as Createlinx nodes around the World. Omnia DeFi is truly only the beginning, we are looking far beyond simple DeFi systems (how ever great we are that too 😉). You are welcome join the ambassadors guild and become further involved in helping us achieve our Mundus Novus 2050 vision 😊✌️

Rahees Kt:
Is it not it will be the wrong decision to launch the project in this bear market? Every coin going down whether good or bad. How do you see this?

Théo | Lord Gravity — :
We are focused on long term vision with Mundus Novus 2050 and bringing stability to the market with OATs and stablecoin. Yet it is true that the market is currently suffering a bit but this is the best time for us to develop further our project. In any case keep in mind that $OMNIA will be linked to our tokenisation efficiency with the buy back and burn mechanism

🌈🌈Lissa🌈🌈 Alzabeth:
Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will brings non-crypto user and real-use case?8726

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First:
We cannot reveal any partnership at present but we are real world focused and so our marketing moving forward will go beyond the crypto community. We will be in Bloomsberg and Yahoo Finance + we are aiming for Forbes soon as well. We aim to put out a lot of educational material for beginners in how crypto and DeFi works and in how to avoid scams.

However much I love the crypto world and the community, it’s time for us all to break down the barriers and move out into the real world now.

Sophia: One more left😉

Researching your website I find that the ongoing R1 presale phase is currently priced at $1.50 per 1 $OMNIA & the R2 phase will be $3.43 equivalent per 1 $OMNIA. Can you share please how you intend achieving the $3.43 price tag considering how volatile the crypto market is?Thanks 8726

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First:
These are live presale prices, the listing price will be on the 23rd of July at $3.92, that is when it will be traded, now is when you have an opportunity to enter the presale phase 😊

Sophia: Well that makes it 5!🔥🔥 @Raki_Brown @Theo_LordGravity feel free to answer more if you want💣

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: Cool 😎

Sophia: we will consider first 5 answers as the best 5😁

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First: Will do

Sophia: 🔥🔥go for it

Théo | Lord Gravity — : great! one more for me 😊

Sophia: Feel free to answer 10 mlre if you want🔥

Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?8726

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First:
Building the platform and developing it is the most important , as no one will trust shoddy workmanship 😉 next comes community and trust and then global expansion of tokenisation and partnerships. Increasing token price and value should never be a goal but should be a consequence of good tokenomics and a business model that strongly integrates the crypto that allowed you to start off.

🌈🌈Lissa🌈🌈 Alzabeth:
Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with your project?8726

Crypto Shaman Will Never DM You First:
We have a cyber security expert on our team, Michael and he is in fact in the middle of writing an article on our own security processes and general cyber security advice. We have also put our tokens as part of 15 months slow releasing vesting schedule, to prevent rug pulls and the like. Join our telegram group and the article will be posted there when Michael is done with it 😊

🌈🌈Lissa🌈🌈 Alzabeth:
🔥My Question is that
I want to invest, in your project. but I doubt it a little.
Can you please assure us that unlike, other scam projects there is no possibility of fraud?8726

Théo | Lord Gravity — :
We understand your concerns especially with all those rug pulls that happened 🤔

Though we are very much focused on transparency and security. Our team is not anon at all and you can check all our LinkedIn profile here:

Secondly, we will issue every Monday of the month a financial report about our lastest expenses and the ones planned.

Thirdly, we will make audits on ALL of our smart contract. We have already done with our token:

Fourthly, as you can in the tokenomics article core team tokens will be locked (before R2) for 15 months and released bits by bits on a monthly basis. Development and marketing will be locked too for months with a monthly release all done for me 😊

join us an our Telegram group and feel to ask us other questions or DM us! 🤗

Sophia: @Raki_Brown seems to be answering more questions😉 Lets wait for him to complete🔥

🌈🌈Lissa🌈🌈 Alzabeth:
Most project have to go through certain difficulty and challenges. What difficulties you face? Can you tell us about your pre-sale? How someone can get it?8726



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